Weedmaps Throws Down for Mike Tyson; Now You Can Relive 2020: Wednesday’s First Issues First

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Mike Tyson returns to the ring on Saturday to face Roy Jones Jr. and Weedmaps is sponsoring Tyson in a groundbreaking move for the cannabis industry. The partnership includes screen graphics, on-air callouts, messages on giant LED screens and locker room loot, as well as special content narrated by Nas that celebrates cannabis pioneers that will air during the event. The top-class event is also a big win for presenter Triller, who wants to measure himself more closely with TikTok.

Cannabis brand trailblazers: With appearances by Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, YG and other artists, the event promises extensive media coverage and a boost for the brand.

If 2020 did anything positive, it has forced the advertising industry to rethink both its strategies and priorities, and to delve into its practical approach to marketing. It also means that despite the unpredictability of the future, marketers have opened up a whole new world of opportunities for creativity and problem solving. We met with executives from some of the world’s leading brands and agencies to find out what they’re looking forward to the most.

See what they said: “Do you live your message?”

It’s officially that time again! Applications for Adweek’s Media Agency of the Year 2021 are now open. Apply here by December 14th.

This year, out of respect for the horrors of 2020, YouTube decided to discontinue its annual rewind video – but JibJab has given a characteristically goofy, snappy rundown of the most hated year in recent history. It starts with the moments we barely remember, from Brexit and Donald Trump’s impeachment to the Grammys, and then starts with the calendar stain that went from the absurd to the tragic after the arrival of Covid-19.

Check it out here: And of course, in case you haven’t lived enough of it, you can add your face to the video.

Dan Levy’s eyebrows, so much like those of his father Eugene, are the subject of much reference on her award-winning show Schitt’s Creek. Now they are the focus of an entire ad and website, a concept that Levy himself developed for Visible in a campaign with the Madwell agency. Visible CMO Minjae Ormes said Levy’s hands-on approach to developing the campaign, which he wanted to be light-hearted and sassy, ​​proved valuable to the brand.

Check out the ad and read more by Levy and Ormes for a behind-the-scenes look at how they designed and created them.

The annual Macy’s Parade will not be the multi-million-view personal bash it has seen in years past. It will be confined to a single New York block, vehicles will power the giant balloons, and it will be televised instead of performed for a local crowd. However, that hasn’t stopped it from becoming more popular than ever with advertisers as NBCUniversal is selling its parade inventory earlier than usual.

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