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Oct 18


Are you running out of time and need extra hands to get a bulk writing order completed for your client? Outsourcing to an agency bulk writing service could save you the hassle of getting it done on your own while ensuring that the work is correctly done and delivered on-time.

As an agency serving multiple clients, the last thing you want to do is compromise quality in order to meet deadlines. This could have a damaging impact on the reputation you’ve labored to build over the years.

Working with an agency bulk writing services doesn’t only save you time to focus on other projects at hand, it’s affordable and helps ensure that you continue to deliver well-written, high-quality content to clients.

Agency Bulk Writing Services

In this guide, you will learn what a bulk writing service is and how to choose the right agent bulk writing service for your writing projects.


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What is an Agency Bulk Writing Service?

An as an agency, you can hire a professional writing company to create content for your clients under your own brand. A company that offers this type of service is called an agency bulk writing service.

Agencies partner with professional writing services for many reasons. For example, an agency that specializes in SEO or web development may want to portray an outlook of a one-stop digital marketing firm to their clients without raising overhead costs.

Likewise, a company that lacks specific knowledge or experience in a particular industry may decide to outsource their client’s writing service to a more experienced writing service.

Many professional writing services have a pack of writers that help fill in the gaps for agencies that either doesn’t have in-house content writers, or agencies that have more content needs than employees can fulfill. These companies offer managed services ranging from content writing and editing to curating content on behalf of their clients.

Why is Content Important?

Why is Content Important

Content writing is an essential part of an effective digital marketing strategy. From a website focused on increasing ranking and visibility online to sales copies that inspire positive actions towards a product or service, content plays a significant role in keeping the wheel of your business moving.

However, creating valuable content that converts often requires a combination of talent and time commitment that not everyone can invest in, especially for small agencies with limited staff or startups with a knack for quality. This is why hiring a professional writing service can be a huge advantage to your agency – they let you offer your clients high-quality content with little investment and effort.

Types of Content Writing Services

Web content

Every business, from startups to Fortune 500 companies need web content to build an online presence. This content encompasses the content on your homepage, about us page, contact page and landing page. It provides important information about the company, including a description of the products or services they provide, what makes them different, and more.

Choosing the right writing service lets you have access to well-researched, high-quality content that resonates with the target audience. The best content writer understands the basics of keyword research and ensures that your content is correctly optimized for search engines like Google.

Blog Posts

Blogging is a staple of search engine optimization. Publishing valuable blog posts enhances your website’s rankings and visibility in search engines. Blogging can also increase your brand awareness and organic traffic.

According to this post from Hub Spot, businesses should publish new or updated blog posts 3-5 times a week. Combining this responsibility with other tasks can feel a little overwhelming for your team. In such cases, you can rely on a professional writing service to consistently create and distribute high-quality content for your clients’ blogs.


Copywriting is the art of writing to persuade or influence customers’ decision to buy a particular product or service. Copywriting requires a high level of expertise and mastery of language to persuade readers to take specific action – either you want them to sign up for a course or donate towards a course.

This type of writing includes things like writing sales pitches, ad copy, infographics, product descriptions, and more. Given the crucial role copywriting plays in your overall marketing campaign, it’s important to allow a professional handle the project while you focus on other important tasks.

Technical Writing

Depending on your client’s industry, technical writing is an aspect of writing that can seem intimidating. This is why you need a qualified writer with the required industry experience to undertake the writing job. Whether you’re looking to write white papers, ebooks or how-to content, you can benefit from the skills and experience of a professional writing service. The best technical writer strives to achieve simplicity while retaining originality and professionalism.

Social Media Posts

The advent of social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter has made it increasingly easier for businesses to connect with their current and potential customers. Publishing thoughtful, valuable content regularly on your social media account helps you draw people’s attention to your business and grow your online presence exponentially.

However, social media writing is way beyond mere blasting out scheduled posts twice or a week. The expert understands how to create relevant, engaging and platform-specific posts is the most effective way to generate traffic and engagement in the noisy and crowded social media space.


Email is one of the effective marketing tools to communicate with customers. In the US, more than 90 percent over the age of 15 check their email every day. Email marketing is reported to have a potential return on investment of up to 4400%, making it the most cost effective way to attract and retain customers.

Like other types of content writing, email writing has its unique styles. The most effective email is full of value and benefits to keep your customers engaged and interested in your offering.

PR Writing

Press release is a journalistic piece of writing commonly used by businesses and organizations to announce newsworthy events such launching of a new product or service, announcing new hires or sharing news about a milestone business fundraising.

Recently, there’s been an astronomical increase in the use of PRs for SEO purposes. Local businesses use them as means to generate backlinks in order to build website authority. Professional writing services provide PR content that is original and optimized for search engines.


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