YouTube Bowed Out of Its Yr In Evaluation. JibJab Mentioned, ‘Maintain My Beer’

Enter the video entertainment and e-card company JibJab, known for their playful videos where people can put their faces on dancing elves and the like. The company is stepping back into the reporting year with an edition from 2020.

For those who want to relive the horror of yesteryear, a snappy yet fun video will walk you through all of the horrors of 2020 and even get your face on a year that was memorable the least.

The weird flashback shows us what happened in almost a decade, but only 11 months so far. The animated video, with its rock music theme, gives an overview of the events of the year, including the events we barely remember before the lockdown, such as the impeachment of Brexit and Donald Trump.

From the arrival of Covid-19 to Tiger King and murder hornets, the video brings a year of misfortune in one minute and 36 seconds. And when you add a face to the video, you can see how you put a 2020 sucker in your head and grow super long hair because of lockdown among other things.

JibJab stated that it made a conscious decision to stop producing these videos in 2014 but felt compelled to bring the topic back in 2020 to add a little ease to these challenging times.

As for YouTube?

“2020 was different. And it doesn’t feel right to go on like it isn’t. We’re taking a break from Rewind this year, ”a tweet said.

JibJab could say: “Hold my beer.”

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